How we work
Long-term partnerships sustained
trough respect for quality and deadlines


Our propose can be summarised in these words : Bringing the magic back to your brand.

Creation is central to everything we do.
We recommend creative solutions that:
- ensure the visibility of your brand and product in a way that is consistent with your values;
- use materials and finishing options that are suited to your objectives;
- are in line with your budgetary constraints.

We suggest operational concepts that are both innovative and realistic in terms of feasibility;
production constraints are part and parcel of the creative process.


Dedicated talent to ensure success for your project

We create a dedicated, experienced team of passionate experts for every project. A production manager ensures constant communication between the design agency and the printer.

We have expert project managers, creative directors, artistic directors, graphic designers, computer graphics designers, illustrators, photographers, model builders, and photoengravers.

Our design office works on your packaging projects from the dieline right through to the 3D mock-up and the preproduction run.

Our photo studio, working with the help of a food stylist, strives to ensure your products are always shown in their best light.


An agile agency with a human touch 

We are, above all, facilitators of your projects.

We act as the back-office for your brand. Our vocation is to create partnerships based on:
- clear lines of communication with every client;
- fluid communication thanks to personal relationships;
- a responsive team that is devoted to your project;
- a creative solution that is right for your product;
- a capacity to come up with innovative solutions;
- a comprehensive service from creation to delivery.